Walking on Water

Remember the story of Peter and the disciples in the boat with the storm raging? They were right where Jesus had sent them: into a fierce storm. Suddenly they see a figure coming across the water–

What would YOUR first reaction be?

Amazingly, once Peter heard Jesus answer, he said, “If it’s you, bid me to come to you on the water.” Peter wanted to be with  His Lord and master, even if it meant walking on water on a stormy sea!

Bring it home now: Tom, Honour and I prayed about God’s direction for this spring; God seemed to confirm His call to participant in 3 key meetings back to back. For us, in some ways, it’s much like Peter asking Jesus, “If it’s you, bid me to come.” Life has been exceedingly turbulent and challenging. Finances are tight. Energy levels low. Storms raging…

We believe Jesus said, “Come.” And Tuesday, Honour and I fly out to the Arab Peninsula, then Turkey, then Ethiopia.

God’s provided so far, but we’re seeing expenses coming of about $5,600. Supply isn’t yet visible to us, but if Jesus said, “Come”, we believe the supply and support will be there.

Are you with us? Would you join us in believing God for the full supply? Would you be praying as we step out of the boat?

We’ll drop notes along the way to let you know what God is doing. We’re anticipating miracles, breakthroughs, divine appointments, Kingdom coming and His will being done. You’re holding the ropes for us! Ready now? Leg out over the edge, and easing down onto those crashing waves, eyes fixed on Jesus…

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